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Feeling the value..It's probably the most fascinating thing about writing that tickles and excites me as it did on day one so to speak. It is my conviction that you can't understand literally anything, unless you have felt it in one way or the other. And that's not some elusive quality that only a few selected ones may or may not possess!

What I think works adamantly against this more sensitive level of perception is pragmatism. We all hear that we should pursue the road that pays most likely. If we put aside this attitude more often or once in a while, we would come to understand what really matters to us. 

In other words, you get what you ask for when you ask such questions. You ask for a pragmatic way of life, then that's what you'll you get. You'll like it, I doubt it. but what people actually yearn for is joy, a life of happiness, satisfaction, success and tenderness. If we would open up ourselves to the non-pragmatic realms, we would not just feel better about ourselves, but we would also be better people, get along with each other on a more appreciative basis.

Sometimes we're those lions in cages…too proud to open the cage once we found out that the key to freedom and
happiness was ours all along - and it's time to seize this gift and embrace it with abundance.

Because once you open up, you'll feel the beauty around, see it, feel it, live it and embody it. Once you've tasted
this kind of sugar, you'll crave it for your whole life! Doing something creative - it doesn't have to be necessarily
writing - unleashes a whole array of emotions you didn't even know they exist! Creativity spurs the development
of a different sort of perception, beyond black and white, and maybe grey. It colors perception, saturates it, embellishes
and enriches it with another layer of emotion. It increases empathy and your ability to listen to people, to really digest
what's around you, fulfilling your soul with unmatchable gratitude.

We all have two innate powers. In one hand, we carry the tool of destruction. In the other hand, we carry the tool of creation.

Maybe we're not always aware of that, but it's our choices that define us. When we communicate, we can unleash
destruction by, for instance, tapping into our potential of choosing the words that hurt the most. Everyone knows
exactly which words cause the highest damage possible. Words can more than anything else tear a heart apart.
On the other hand, we know - to the same extent - how to get along with each other on an appreciative basis.
Learning the tools of the trade and diving into the creative realm is one way to understand and feel the impact of words.
And getting in touch and embarking on the journey of understanding and feeling these mechanisms of communication
is utterly rewarding, as it raises consciousness.

So that's actually what I mean when I say feel the value of things. And everybody can. It starts with the stories we
tell ourselves - stories that limit you, your attitude, your aptitudes, your beliefs, your actions, your ideas and your perception.
It is my conviction to at least think everything's possible. It's not just empowering, but allows you to come up with ideas,
you wouldn't otherwise. If you want to feel the rich texture of life, love, friendship, work, passion, nature and so forth.
If you ask, how much do I get out of something financially. Then your answer is already defined by your question. 

In the end, it's like: The eyes, stupid! Open your eyes and let the world unfold. If you want to believe the world sucks,
is violent, dirty and flawed. Sure, where's the ticket to buy to enter into such world. It doesn't sound appealing, right?
But, what if the world is utterly beautiful, enticing, poignant and compelling. That's the ticket to buy and it doesn't cost
you a dime! So all I'm saying is perception is nothing arbitrary; it's a choice. Make the right story your habit and you'll be
amazed what happens. Being the proud lion in the cage won't do anyone any good!