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Usually, competitions have a handful of winners who get some bucks and end up at the same situation
before they wrote their stories and entered the contest. Their work probably does not improve without
having detailed and supportive feedback at hand neither would their work
actually be considered by a literary agent for publication.

Fiften precious minutes or a five-hour-5000-words-bang. The goal is clear: Got time?
Then get it done. Write every day (or every second day for instance), because every time
you get back on your seat to write, it is that routine that brings you back on the creative road.
It does not have to be the top-notch page every time you write. Literature has its ups and downs.
That is how it works. Reading regularly is a must, as it is a way to gain new inspiration on how
to use the language creatively and to have time to refill the creative tank with new ideas.
Reading and writing go hand in hand. One doesn't work without the other!

Travelling is a great way to get in touch with people of different cultures as well as to make friends.
These friendships might last a life time, especially if you meet someone who loves to write, too.
Perhaps she_he regularly attends a book club which is very often a useful opportunity and a tool
for motivation, ideas, and sharpening writing skills. Learning together and acknowledging
each other's writing efforts has a long lasting effect. As we love to say: The best things you cannot buy.

Be attentive during journeys, observe people. Ask yourself: How did they end up in their current
living situation? What defines them who they are? What keeps them going? Of course, you need
to put away your shyness and talk to them. Tell me who would not love to brag a little about their
life? All this knowledge will find its way into your literary journeys and you will be surprised
how enriching this experience might turn out to be.

But what is a writing journey without any signs on the road? You ask yourself: Where am I now?
Does my writing show promise? That is where we come into play. We give you structured advice
and motivate you. Honesty is very important to us, so we will not lie to you. It is a pity that other
feedback opportunities work out the perfect feedback for a poor story, just to get paid. We tell
you what is good, what might be better and tell you how you actually can improve your story.

We are your allies and that is why we would like to boost you to get on your feet, improve your
work and push you towards the publication road.

At this point, we chose to recite Edward Allen Bernero (the Criminal Minds' showrunner).

"If you're talented, we'll find you. We've to find you. We need you. [...] I think you
need to worry about just becoming really good at your craft."

Our aim is to support you and educationally assist you. We give you your literary weapons and
make you ready for the writer's journey.

We train you to make your story ring true and to make it marketable. We encourage writers to
become better, excellent, and to produce dinstictly attractive writings.

We want to give everyone the chance to take part in our competition.
Therefore we decided to keep the entry fee as low as $10, so we get your prizes, our time,
website costs covered and still are able to keep this unique opportunity running.

Unfortunately, professional feedback is very often expensive, even for short works.
By entering this competition you get comprehensible advice that gets you on the right track and
you can be sure to receive perceptive support and fedback by people who understand the tough marketplace
you want to break in.