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Welcome to the Atlantis Short Story Competition 2016

"I don't believe you have to be better than everybody else.
I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be." -Ken Venturi

>> International Call For Entries - Writers from all around the world are welcome <<






March 10, 2017: This is the last status update for the 2016 contest. The date has been set -- the winners

will be announced on the website on March 30, 2017 (7 AM, UTC-5). Since many of our participants come from all

around the globe, our valued participating writers can be sure to see the results on this specific day and time

without having to check the website repeatedly on said day. There are many impressive entries and the feedbacks

demonstrate the effort and time every one of you has devoted to her or his entry.


We are also very excited about the reception of the feedbacks and that is why we would appreciate it if you share

your praise and criticism in your reply.


Information on how to enter the Atlantis Short Story Contest 2017 will appear here soon after the announcement

of the winners.


Thank you for your attention!


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                                                               JUNE 09, 2016:

Now in its sixth year, the Atlantis Short Story Contest *2016* opens its gates. Authors from all around the world are welcome to enter the one and only contest that offers a criqitue for every participating story

You can submit your short story here !
  Quick & Easy Submission Process

Deadline: November 30, 2016.
                                                                                                                            Final extended deadline: December 11, 2016 - 23:59  ET (US) 
                                        The contest is closed now. Thank you for the overwhelming response!

                                        Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year with 

                                        joy, love, success, and memorable moments! 

                                        Watch this space for all the updates!


We are pleased to announce that the deadline has been extended                                      To view the guidelines, click here !
up to December 11, 2016, in response to numerous requests and
due to the increased interest in the Atlantis Short Story Contest.


                        What participating writers say about us. Read here 






The Atlantis Short Story Contest's winning participant Edmund Jonah managed to have
his novel published. YESHUA! is an outstanding literary piece that proves one more time
that the law of hard work is no secret. By carefully adding bits of the story's skeleton and 
revising them with exceptional perseverance and dedication, Edmund Jonah surely rendered 
a work worth to take a look at. 
Grab your copy here !

YESHUA! is a re-creation of the life of Jesus, from a new and unique perspective. 
Set in Roman-occupied Israel, it places the charismatic preacher in the political context of that 
turbulent time when Messiahs sprouted like mushrooms after rain! We meet on terms of great 
intimacy the people who fashioned his mind and personality:

YOSEPH, his kind and beloved father, brutally killed by the Romans;
MIRIAM, his practical mother, who is unable to understand her firstborn;
YACOV, the brother who resents him but appreciates his knowledge;
 YOSSI, the brother who adores him but cannot accept his philosophy;
YOCHANAN THE DIPPER, who leads him into the central drama of his life;
MIRIAM OF MAGDALA, who loves him passionately but cannot possess him;
SIMON PETER, whose loyalty to him is put to the extreme challenge;
CAIUS, the Centurion who befriends him and then must execute him;
PONTIUS PILATE, the Roman Governor, who convicts him, thus sweeping this epic to its powerful and startling conclusion. 

Selected reviews:
“Edmund Jonah has created a spellbinding masterpiece. “YESHUA!” begins with a young 
Jesus who grows into the dynamic force that created Christendom and changed the world irrevocably. 
Jonah, an Israeli, knows his topic in breathtaking detail, blending his own writing with scriptural 
writings into a thoroughly believable narrative. Dramatically and effectively woven into the story 
is the on-going political and violent tension between the Jews and the Romans, in the midst of which 
this man comes to vibrant, thrilling life. “YESHUA!” is historical fiction at its best.”
   -Andrew O'Hara, Jimston Journal, USA.

 “Yeshua!’s” greatest strength is that it requires the reader to think about the very foundation stone 
of his moral and spiritual culture and accept that it has no real supernatural basis; that the Messiah was not, 
in any sense, what Western culture understands. This is a quietly corrosive attack, like the sea, and therefore, 
something deep inside the Westerner is alarmed by it. This quality will one day make it an important book.
   -Conor Corderoy, Agent &Author, U.K.

About the author:

The author was born in Calcutta, India, the second of two sons of Iraqi Jewish origin, and educated by 
Belgian and Canadian Jesuit priests from whom he got his interest in Jesus. He moved to London, England at 
the age of 22; then 10 years later to Tel Aviv, Israel, where he now lives.

The figure of the Christianized Jew fascinated him and this book is a labour of love that took more than three 
decades to bring to as close as he hoped it would be.

He has taken two courses in creative writing, one in London and one in Israel. He lectures very successfully 
on “Yeshua ben Yosef, the Jew who became the God of the Christians – How did it happen?” The lecture 
enlarges on the scope of the book by explaining how Christianity really got started.

He has had several stories, poems and articles published, as far afield as in Canada, New Zealand, India, 
U.K. the USA and Israel. 





                                                               DECEMBER 01, 2014



With Christmas closing in, what could be better than curling up with a good

book reflecting that cordiality we all cherish at this time of the year.

After all, isn't Christmas a dive into the real realms of familiarity, joviality,

and tranquility?


If there's one way to tap into our memory and bathe in moments when we

were children, it is reading a book. Only literature is able to conjure our good ol'

memories, as it eternalizes memorable moments, ideas, and emotions,

stirring our fantasy.



     Participant Beattie Alvarez is the editor of Once Upon A Christmas featuring a magical Christmas mix of stories, poems, memoirs and

     illustrations from some of Australia's favourite children's authors and illustrators, as well as emerging new talent, and some special guests

     from overseas. From the funny to the ghostly, fantasy to adventure, from peace and love to action and the unexpected, from recipes to

     carols, whether you dip in or devour, read aloud or read under the covers, there's something in this beautiful lavish book for everyone to enjoy.  

     Featuring Duncan Ball, Ursula Dubosarsky, Kate Forsyth, Sally Rippin, Susanne Gervay, Michael Pryor, Kim Gamble, Stephen Axelsen,

     Pamela Freeman, Libby Hathorn, Nette Hilton, Juliet Marillier, Adele Geras-and many many more fantastic authors and illustrators! Christmas

     Press will donate a percentage of the proceeds from this book to Room to Read, an innovative global non-profit which seeks to transform the  

     lives of millions of children in ten developing countries in Asia and Africa by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education.' 


     It is available online, but not through Amazon. You can find it at:!/Once-Upon-a-Christmas/p/43536909/category=8815609





What do you exactly gain by entering the competition?

Every submitted short story is professionally evaluated. The salient point is that we allow you to see what 
we think about your short story. We write for every participant's short story a brief, insightful comment 
(approx. one page) and include an evaluation table which gives you a quick overview about the strengths and 
weaknesses of your work.

The Top 3 participants are awarded with cash prizes. (see above)

The Top 15 participants will get in-depth feedback (2 - 4 pages, depends on the story's length). 
The Top 15 participants have the option to get their story published on our website. 
At the end of the contest the author will be asked, if she/he wants her/his story to 
be published on the website. 
In the case that the author wants her/his story to be removed from the website later on, 
she/he can write us an e-mail to .
Her/his short story promptly will be removed then.

The Top 40 participants will be posted on the website with their story's title, name
(and a sharp two-sentence logline, if they want). The author retains all rights to her/his work. 



As a writer you probably do not get the attention you expect and deserve. It is often the case that the family 
and friends do not appreciate your dedication to writing at all.

But writers want to be heard, right? Why else should they sit and carefully type each character. Word by Word.
Sentence after sentence. Writing allows you to create entire worlds and therefore it would be a real pity if
nobody got the reading pleasure and the opportunity to proceed your thoughts and ideas.

As an unpublished author of fiction work, it is pretty difficult to actually live long enough to experience your
'lucky break'. You're an unpublished short story writer with the ambition of eventually getting your
work published, or you're an screenwriter, a poet or a playwright, etc. To break in, to get your lucky break
without having contacts in the industry, your work of fiction does need to be excellent, otherwise a
pitching (brief oral presentation: 'What is your work about?') opportunity is a lost shot.

Honest feedback really improves the quality of your work and consequently the chances of being heard.
Our goal is to offer a short story competition that provides insightful feedback that the writer can benefit from.
We want to give everybody the chance to become better, as it does not rarely happen that writers are not
ready when the job comes by.