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TOP 15

1.   Ramone Vasquez - Remnants of an evolution
2.   Michelle Labat - I can't
3.   Layal Rafeh - After the beard
4.   Zhiling Gow - Books are Harmful
5.   Dora Haller - Naked Sundays
6.   Sean DiLizio - The Dog in the cellar
7.   Jim Runyan - Brilliant Paradise
8.   Richard McGee - The Windows of Cumberland Hall
9.   Nikola Vukoja - WHO AM I REALLY?
10. Rhonda Candlish - Love and lies.
11. Peggy Hyland - NELL
12. Margaret Grundstein - Birth
13. Saima Arif - A Walk
14. Kevinne Ann Moran - The Precious Child
15. Matthew Couch - Definitive Holographic

TOP 16 - 42

(in alphabetical order)

Andy Gallagher - The Wanting bell of Gudrun Bunderchook
Cosima Armstrong - Belgrade, Olga and Jade Earrings
Chloe Krawczyk - 500 Days of a Summer Fling
Christina Lauder - It takes a village to raise a child
Christina Mowle - A Perfect Storm
Dan Gemmer - Jimmy
David Murphy - Old Heron
Evan Shaw - The New Atlantis
Ian Chorlton - The King's Arrow
Ira Spector - Joe Charles
Joseph McCarthy - Boggles The Synaesthete
Karen A. Strauss - Customer Service
Len Hewlett - FIRE
Lane Emmons - Phyllis
Lisa Vankula-Donovan - No Way to Live
Ng Wai Chii - Bamboo Rhapsody
Peter Walsh - The Boy, The Dog and The Hare
Rahul Paul - The Asylum
Robin Mark Walker - Feeding the wolves
Sinead Goddard - Always and Forever
Susan Redden - Seamstress in Spandex
Stuart Hendryx - The Post Office Visit
Tim DeMartino - All the Rage
Tom Szendrei - Forgotten Sons
Wendy Williams - Was it enough?
William G. Doscher - One for the Times
Yvette Maurice - Short Story of a Lost and Wretched Soul


It's been very difficult to pick the best of the best, but here they are.
This year's contest became even more challenging, as they were a
lot of stories which similarly scored.

A lot of stories have been read twice, even though this postponed the winner's announcement by a week,
it was absolutely necessary to maintain the quality of the contest. Thank you once again for your patience!

Every story had something unique, sometimes something appealing, but also appalling.
Good! We stress once again: There are no theme or genre restrictions!

Thus, the reading of the short stories turned out to be exhausting at some points,
because your stories mirror what it means to live. You wake up one day wondering
if it was worth it? What's ahead of you? Although there were stories with a plot
we've heard dozens of times before, we can proudly ascertain that every participant has put some thought
into her or his story.

This was not a short story contest; this was a contest of excellence
and you should reread the stories you submitted yourself! That's your own achievement,
a palace of thought - black on white. (There were some that wrote in blue, too!)

Remember: "Excellence, is not an act, but a habit" (Aristotle). Strive for the best and continue writing.
Writing is a craft, therefore you need to make the same commitment over and over again and get on that seat
and bleed. Are you committed enough to become really good at this craft?

Option 1 (score) & 2 (short feedbacks) all have been delivered by now! Check your spam folder! If you have
not received your feedback, please contact us. And once again: Check your spam / junk folder.

We would be very grateful if you could share your experience with our contest.

The Atlantis Short Story Contest 2013 opens soon.