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                                                  APRIL 18, 2014:

The Atlantis Short Story Contest 2013 (179 short story entries) PROUDLY PRESENTS...


TOP 15

1. Matthew Jones - The soulmate of a devil

2. Jake Sharman - 2077

3. Elena Silanteva - Unforgiving

4. Ng Waii Chii - A Glamour for the Tyrant Queen 
5. Rohini Sunderam - Your rebirth, my death
6. Eben Diskin - The Sultry Silhouette 
7. Sunion Matheson - Buying Time
8. Pieter Stroethoff - Grandpa's Red Ferrari
9. Bibi Bliekendaal - Recycling Day
10. Cosima Armstrong - European Union
11. Christina Rago - Into the future
12. Tan Kai Sen - The International Observer
13. D.M. Tomkins - Counting
14. Nadia Howe - The Color of Hope
15. Aaron Farrell - An Imagine Nation


TOP 16 - 40 (in alphabetical order)

Alexia Derbas - Getting there before you arrive
Bill Zettler - Whitey and Muhammad 
Chad Brown - Great Wheels Turning
Caitlin Whyte - The Final Raid
Catherine Lilai - The dope on hope
Daniel Norrish - The Box
Elise Miller - Poppet's Island
En Hill - Photogenic Monster
Jamie Scanlon - My time with me
Jennifer Bryce - A Deeper Love
Kathleen Nguyen - If Only For A Day
Ken Dean - The Return of Johnny Scott
Loretto Leary - The Shamrock Tattoo
Mahmoud Samir - Incident on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
Malina Douglas - A Slight Diversion
Michael Madden - Son of a TPI
Natalia Clara Wardle - The Great Tankini
Netta Price - Mandy
Nolan Ristau - A Standard Deviation
Patrick S. Clinen - TOWER OF FOG
Raphaëlle Lavielle - Mrs. and Mr. Cockroach Are Lovely Neighbors
Stephen Lawrence Cutler - Marvelous moments in nature
Troy Church - The Mother's Club


This contest was magnificent! There were stories of heartbreak, infectious joy and unfaltering hope.

If we had to give this contest a name, emotional rollercoaster would be it!


We ascertain that the quality of the entries varied heavily though. Some stories were perfectly dramatized,

tightly written and wrapped up with a neat theme. Some stories did not do any of these things.


We hope our feedback helps you in your journey of improving your writing skills. Writers write - it's

as simple as that! You received insightful critiques, ponder about the delineated points and get back to work.

Feel free to tell us what you think about your feedback and please confirm the receipt.


The activity of writing is very enriching, but writing compelling stories is also a craft. Take the time to develop your

voice and you'll find an audience. 


And remember: The good things in life are never easy to get.